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Gagas Musicland.
A delusional superstar lookin' better than all those bitches in Hollywood.
Do u like lana del rey? Her stuff has been leaking like mad lately lol
asked by Anonymous

I know but when isnt it? lol i love her!

We miss you :(
asked by Anonymous

i miss you too! <3

@ladygaga: Look who I found after the gym!

@ladygagaReal life ravers having fun in the sun! #happybirthdayIan #fighter

@ladygagaAll my dancers inspire me everyday, but this is an extra special baby

@ladygagaI threw a bday bash for my dancer and bestie of 6 years Ian On the right! Asi-love on the left. Beach party with elegant BBQ and flowers for days!

@ladygaga: He was so surprised!


why watch the vmas if gaga’s not performing



Months ago, it was rumoured that Lady Gaga had a Snapchat. It is now official, Lady Gaga has a Snapchat! The image above was posted on her My Story.

this is edited

Are you gunna release any new stuff?
asked by Anonymous

i dont know maybe one day!

thank you all for not unfollowing me during my dry spells. you guys are so cool :)


do you have any of the remaining the fame/monster demos?
asked by Anonymous