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A delusional superstar lookin' better than all those bitches in Hollywood.


do you have any of the remaining the fame/monster demos?
asked by Anonymous


The Fame + emojis

I Wanna Be With You studio closer to Dope or live version??
asked by Anonymous

prob the live version since she totally re-did it to make dope



Houston M&Gs.

What Princess Die demos are known to exist? Acoustic, EDM, etc.? How different are the lyrics?
asked by Anonymous

im not sure because i dont have it and virtually no one else does, but there could very well be an acoustic version and there could also be an “EDM” version, but its more unlikely than anything that an EDM version exists since she from the start said she didnt think it would be on ARTPOP. but im sure its recorded

can you please explain the whole Lina Morgana thing I'm new to gaga and the story is so morbid is it real
asked by Anonymous

basically, lina and gaga collaborated but then lina committed suicide in 2008 (at the time gaga was rising to fame) and people have conspiracies that gaga killed lina and took her image in order to help her get more famous. in fact, linas mom (and the rest of the family) has said they think gaga is “holding onto linas soul” but i think its a bit silly, and also pretty confusing! but no, its not real. its more of a running joke in the fanbase now as morbid as it is. and welcome! :)


Months ago, it was rumoured that Lady Gaga had a Snapchat. It is now official, Lady Gaga has a Snapchat! The image above was posted on her My Story.

this is edited lol